Working with Visit Jersey, we’ve recently launched two seasonal display and mobile campaigns inspired by behavioural science, which celebrate the island’s unique heritage.

For their winter campaign, we’ve chosen the scarcity bias- the idea that when something is in short supply, we want it more.

And for the summer campaign, the category heuristic. This is our tendency to judge something by its association to a particular group rather than by its attributes.

Visit Jersey want to discover whether incorporating these biases into their ad campaigns can help drive engagement from people looking to book their next trip.

To test both biases, we’re running two split tests.

The scarcity banners for the winter campaign use the copy, ‘Time is running out…for a winter break in Jersey….Take our mood quiz now.’

And the category heuristic banners for the summer campaign lead with ‘Discover the little island… with the third-best beach…in the UK and Channel Island… Take our mood quiz now’ alongside a Trip Advisor ‘Travellers’ Choice’ badge.

We’re testing these behavioural banners against control banners that use Visit Jersey’s standard messaging for their heritage campaigns.

Molly White, Account Manager, 24th Jan 2020

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