We’ve recently launched a high-impact engagement campaign to raise awareness for the first book in Sam Copeland’s new series, Charlie Changes Into A Chicken.

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Tiger use engagement campaign to promote their new brand message

We recently ran an engagement campaign for Tiger to promote their new brand message – ‘life with more bite’.

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Discover how Danny Brooke-Taylor got the ideas for his TV ads for Hovis, Amazon and Pot Noodle.

Danny Brooke-Taylor, the award-winning Creative Director of the advertising agency Lucky Generals, will be revealing how he got the ideas for his TV ads for Hovis, Amazon and Pot Noodle amongst others at our event on Monday evening at Jerusalem on Rathbone Place.

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Brand Republic report on our Rules of Engagement

Brand Republic has reported on our Rules of Engagement, the techniques that we use to ensure that customers are interacting with the content in our creatives.

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Flash is dead: what are you wearing to the funeral?

Did you know that on the 1st of September Chrome started blocking any Flash content that isn’t central to the page? This follows a similar move from Safari and one from Mozilla, who blacklisted Flash on their Firefox browser.

89.7% of web users choose Chrome, Firefox or Safari as their default browser. Any Flash ads on these browsers will no longer auto-play and require your interaction to start.

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