We’ve chosen these engagement ads for Hitachi, Network Rail and the English National Ballet as our February creatives of the month.

Our Network Rail campaign tested a bias from behavioural science called social proof, the idea that we’re more likely to do something when we see that other people are doing it too.

Behavioural science, the study of decision making, is a gift to digital advertising because it helps with the job of creating and refreshing memories.

Once you’ve reached all category buyers for a product and got them to notice your ad, you then need them to remember to buy your product. One way to increase the chances of this happening is to test multiple behavioural biases in your creative strategy.

If you’re interested in this topic, we have a behavioural presentation that we can share with you in person or online.

Hitachi: Hitachi wanted to increase awareness of their social innovation project among business decision-makers.  We led with four videos showing how Hitachi is helping to power a better world through improved transport links, sustainable infrastructure and cleaner energy.

Network Rail: Network Rail wanted to increase awareness of their Small Talk Saves Lives campaign by exploring the social proof bias from behavioural science. You can read more about this campaign here.

English National Ballet: The English National Ballet ran an engagement campaign to sell tickets for their My First Ballet performance of Cinderella. The ad is rich in content, using tabs to reveal a video trailer, images and more information about the performance.

Molly White, Account Manager, 5th Mar 2020

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