We have a book club at Silence that meets up every now and then to discuss books about advertising.

Our next book is Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense by Rory Sutherland, the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK and the founder of its Behavioural Science Practice.

We’re meeting at The Pembury Tavern in Hackney at 3.30pm on Thursday 3rd October.

‘We think we are rational creatures,’ writes Rory in the introduction to Alchemy. ‘Economics and business rely on the assumption that we make logical decisions based on evidence. But we aren’t, and we don’t.’

Alchemy lifts the lid on the unconscious desires that drive our decisions and encourages advertisers to bypass reason.

You can listen to Rory talking about Alchemy in a Marketing Week podcast here. 

At book club, we’ll be discussing these themes:

– Do we value logic over creativity?
– Is data making us less creative?
– Can you produce a template for creative ideas or is creativity inherently unpredictable?
– How do we signal trust in the age of mass targeting?

We hope you can join us.

And remember, the first rule of book club is that you don’t need to read the book.

Sign-up for tickets on Eventbrite here.

Molly White, Account Executive, 1st Aug 2019

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