We discuss How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp at book club

The Silence book club met in our London office last night to discuss Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow, a fascinating book about sales patterns.

We had a great time wrestling with the ideas in the book and sharing our professional and personal thoughts about brand advertising.

These are some of the topics that came up:

Did Tesco’s famous loyalty scheme help them in the long run?

Apple doesn’t listen to customers, customers listen to them.

Should a pop band be marketed like a brand?

Successful online retailers recognise that their customers are naturally lazy.

What makes a brand truly distinct is its values.

And here are some photos from the night:


Martin Doyle & Dave Holt



Michaella Williams & Verity Bouette



Martin Doyle, Dave Holt, Ollie HendersonMichaella Williams & Mark Dobson



Mark DobsonMihai Craciun



Mihai Craciun, Warrick Brown, Josh CookMichaella WilliamsMartin DoyleDave Holt & Johnny Hudson



Michaella WilliamsMartin Doyle & Dave Holt



Mark DobsonWarrick Brown & Michaella Williams



Lee Henshaw, Kevin JoynerJohnny Hudson



Michaella Williams & Martin Doyle



Bethan Corlett & Ollie Henderson


Warrick Brown, Head of Campaign Management, 9th Sep 2016

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