Flash is dead: what are you wearing to the funeral?

Did you know that on the 1st of September Chrome started blocking any Flash content that isn’t central to the page? This follows a similar move from Safari and one from Mozilla, who blacklisted Flash on their Firefox browser.

89.7% of web users choose Chrome, Firefox or Safari as their default browser. Any Flash ads on these browsers will no longer auto-play and require your interaction to start.

We started building all our ads in HTML5 from the beginning of this year, which means they function properly across all browsers and operating systems. More people can experience the full functionality of our creatives than ever.

This means that when we run campaigns for you across our engagement marketplace, we’re always using full-page HTML5 ads packed with great content.

This creative for the Joseph Cornell exhibition at the Royal Academy features a full-page video background, drifting through space.

Our campaign for The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the fourth instalment in Steig Larsson’s the Millennium series,  showcases our interactive reader.

Our creative for Velux includes six videos, helping customers choose from their range of products.

Warrick Brown, Head of Campaign Management, 9th Sep 2015

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