Our latest digital advertising campaign for Fred. Olsen uses behavioural science – the psychology behind decision making – to help reach people who traditionally book with competing cruise lines.

The favourability for people to book with other cruise lines can be explained by a theory called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the tendency of people to search, favour or recall information in a way that confirms their original beliefs.

To test whether this was the case for Fred. Olsen – and to help increase the overall campaign performance – we designed, built and served two versions of our ads.

The first led with Fred. Olsen’s logo, inviting people to explore the Norwegian Fjords with them by highlighting the scenery with a video.

You can see it here:

The second used similar content, this time removing any mention of Fred. Olsen to see if people who would traditionally favour other cruise lines would engage with the content.

And here’s the second version:

Once expanded, both reveal the Fred. Olsen branding using interactive hotspots to raise awareness of the different activities and day trips on the Norwegian Fjord route.

This theory was also applied to mobile:

As you can see, one version leads with the Fred. Olsen branding and the other only reveals it at the end.

Verity Bouette, Account Director, 19th Jul 2019

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