How Brands Grow: take a look back at our event

Last Friday, we met at The Soho Theatre to discuss topics from Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow.

Professionals and academics came together to share their thoughts on brand advertising with over 4,500 people tuning in to watch and ask questions online.

These are the topics that were discussed:

1. Everybody else’s tobacco is poisonous. Lucky Strikes is… toasted

Ollie Henderson

Michaella WilliamsJosh Cook & Sam Scott

2. Brands grow through acquiring new customers, not retaining existing ones

Celine Saturnino

Ed Mason, Vic Davies & Kevin Joyner

3. Is marketing an art or a science?

Mary Keane-Dawson

Ben Portnoi, Bethan Corlett & Lee Henshaw

4. Radiohead is a band, Apple is a brand

Ciaran Deering

Dan Kavanagh, Andy McNab & John Leahy

5. How does advertising really work?

Tom Nash

David Reed, Antony Forbes-Buckingham & Warrick Brown

6. Women like Yorkies and men like Diet Coke

Paul Smith

Alexandra Spiliotopoulou, Chloe Smeaton & Martin Doyle


And here are a few more photos from the day:


Verity Bouette, Account Director, 4th Apr 2017

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