Working with the independent media agency December 19, we recently launched a multivariate creative test for their client La-Z-Boy, the reclining furniture specialists.

December 19 identified their three key audiences: families, single men and young homeowners.

At Silence, we believe that creativity is the only lever left to pull in digital. You can’t ask the technology and the media to work much harder. It’s the creative that does the job of getting people to notice ads and remember to buy products.

So for La-Z-Boy we designed and built three versions of Google’s lightbox format to engage each of these distinct audiences:

Creative for Families
Creative for Single Men
Creative for Young Homeowners

To put these creatives in front of the right people at the right time, we used Google’s DV360 to curate the marketplace of websites that index highest for these audiences and employed contextual targeting strategies based on each audience’s interests.

Molly White, Account Manager, 9th Sep 2020

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