We design, build, and serve cost-per-engagement ads and buy media for them.

For our cost-per-engagement campaigns, we design and build four desktop formats – MPU (300×250 pixels), Wide Skyscraper (160×600), Billboard (970×250) and Half-page ad (300×600) – that expand full-page, using eye-catching imagery and persuasive copy to invite customers and prospects to rollover and expand them.

We define an engagement as somebody rolling over an ad, waiting for the countdown to expand it full-page then interacting with the content. This is important because we don’t want our clients paying for accidental rollovers, nor do we want to annoy people with intrusive banner ad formats.

We pack our full-page ads with content like videos, social media feeds and image galleries to achieve the best possible interaction time.

We trade these ads across a programmatic media-buying platform that we designed to target and safeguard our campaigns. We’re a certified technology partner of the leading programmatic demand and supply side platforms and we only work with best-in-class data providers.

Page Quality

We certify publishers before we work with them, leaving us confident that our ads will expand full-page on their websites and that people can interact with the content in them.


For IP geolocation, we work with Digital Element, who also work with DoubleClick, Atlas, Omniture and Acxiom. Using their database means we can guarantee 99% accuracy.

Ad fraud

Working with our data partners, we deal with fraudulent traffic using an algorithm that analyses all the pages in our marketplace and excludes any suspicious traffic.

Brand safety

We never serve campaigns on web pages with content that could reflect negatively on the advertiser.

Ad count

Websites overloaded with ads can have a negative impact on performance – we limit the number of ads on a page, ensuring yours don’t get lost in the clutter.


We use contextual targeting through semantic analysis of the page, cookie free and in real-time, and audience targeting using keywords and 3rd party data segments.

We access billions of page impressions across thousands of global websites through our marketplace, the largest collection of premium publishers accepting expandable inventory. We can engage any audience at any time through supply-side partners like Adform, AppNexus, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Improve Digital, Index Exchange, PubMatic, PulsePoint and Rubicon Project.

We also have a comprehensive benchmark database here at Silence that records average engagement rates, interaction time and click rates across all campaigns by industry, audience and content type. We optimise the performance of a campaign using contextual and audience targeting strategies with data suppliers like BlueKai, Eyeota, Grapeshot, Lotame and Visual DNA.

Cost-per-engagement takes the guesswork out of programmatic display for brand advertisers because it gives them evidence that the right customers and prospects are being engaged – it’s a risk-free alternative to simply buying display campaigns by the thousand page impressions.


We demonstrate the value of
engagement campaigns using brand
uplift studies

We work with our partner Visual DNA, who specialise in audience profiling, to deliver questionnaires that determine if an engagement campaign has increased awareness of a brand, product or somebody’s intention to buy it.

We engage three groups with these questionnaires:

  • 1. The people we’ve served impressions to.
  • 2. People who’ve engaged with the campaign.
  • 3. A control group.

We find that awareness and intention to buy increases slightly amongst people served page impressions but substantially with those who’ve engaged.

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