On July 10th at 4 pm, our online book club will be joined by Heather LeFevre as we discuss her book, Brain Surfing.

In a bid to develop her work a strategist, Brain Surfing follows Heather as she travels around the world to be mentored by some of the top marketing strategy minds.

The book club will be hosted on our website, where you can listen to a panel of strategists question Heather on Brain Surfing and what she learnt from her time with each mentor.

During the session, there will also be the opportunity for you to submit your own questions for Heather via our website.

Speaking of her book and the upcoming event, Heather says, “After Brain Surfing, I learned how much smarter and better my work could be by understanding which aspects I actually enjoyed most and which skills I still wanted to hone. A perfect strategist is a mythical creature – we each have to find our own voice and the courage to speak our truth. I’m looking forward to hearing what lessons readers took away from my mentors and hope to hear of unconventional ways they have sought insights themselves.”

If you’d like to sign up for the book club event with Heather, you can do so here.

Molly White, Account Manager, 30th Jun 2020

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