Yorkshire Building Society combats ad-fraud with innovative engagement campaign

Our client UM Birmingham tracked the success of our engagement campaign for Yorkshire Building Society using Integral Ad Science (IAS) pixels to track impressions – 98.2% of impressions that Silence delivered were concluded to be ad-safe.

The national campaign, which you can see here, featured bespoke footage of young homeowners trapped inside ads, evoking the feeling of outgrowing a home. For the eight weeks that this campaign was live (19th September to 13th November), it reached over 3 million people. The average engagement rate was 2.59% – almost double Silence’s benchmark for the industry.

UM Birmingham, the media agency working for Yorkshire Building Society, monitored the results of the campaign by using IAS pixels to track the impressions served, resulting in 98.2% of impressions being considered ad-safe. IAS is the technology and data provider that UM primarily use to detect suspicious traffic, helping combat ad fraud.

Katherine Ray, Digital Media Account Director at UM, commented: “We trust Silence to deliver engaging digital ad campaigns and we use IAS’ technology to ensure that campaigns like this one are engaging the correct audience and that the budget is utilised effectively.”

Warrick Brown, Head of Campaign Management at Silence, noted: “Programmatic media buying is a rigged market because media owners know a lot more about the quality of their page impressions than the companies who are buying them. This means that it’s essential for us to have partners like IAS helping us screen page impressions for ad fraud, giving us peace-of-mind that we’re engaging people not robots.”

Verity Bouette, Account Director, 12th Dec 2016

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